Crystal Guide

The Power of Crystals

Crystals may help you emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.  Crystals help you tune in to your intuition and helps you focus on the guidance of your inner voice.  Crystals can add focus to your meditation, visualization, and affirmation practices.  If you are struggling to get your life moving in the right direction, meditation, affirmation, and visualization in conjunction with the use of crystals can help focus the energy you need to bring about your desired change.  Crystals can also clear emotional blockages that we may be experiencing.  Working with the right crystals can help clear away those emotional blocks, allowing us to move forward.  Crystals are also great for cleansing people and spaces.  Many people use crystals for cleansing and clearing away negative energy from spaces or negative thought patterns and vibes from people.  Crystals can also stimulate creativity and ideas.  By strategically placing crystals throughout your home and workspace, you can create an energetic environment that enables you to think and problem solve in a creative manner. 

Energy is everything! All matter on Earth has a vibrational frequency.  Vibration is important to who we are, the energy we emit, and the way we relate to one another.  Our vibration varies from day to day and situation to situation, depending on a number of factors such as our mood, or emotions, what we put in our bodies, how we care for ourselves, how much time we spend on spiritual quests, and the careers and social activities we choose.  Lower vibrations tend to lead to less comfortable situations while higher vibrations help us attract the positive changes we want to see in our lives.  By bringing crystals into our space, we can use them to tune our own vibrations to a higher level which will ultimately elevate our mood, focus our mind, and bring about the desired change we are looking for.  

Working with crystals can be very simple.  You can hold them in your hand, place them in your pockets or purse, keep them on your desk at work or throughout your home.  You can sleep with them under your pillow, meditate with them or keep on your nightstand.  Just having them in your personal space will bring in positive energy to support you.  There is no wrong or right way to work with crystals. Just find the method that works for you! 

Choosing a Crystal

When choosing a crystal, be thoughtful about your intention, which will help lead you to the perfect stone that you need in that particular moment.  By focusing on your needs, you can find a stone that resonates with certain feelings and emotions.  When you use the high frequencies of healing crystals in your everyday life, it can have a profound effect on your well-being.  Whether you want to shift negative thoughts, boost your self-confidence, attract love or abundance, crystals can serve as that reminder to stay focused on your intention while also cleansing and activating your energy.  Pay close attention to your inner voice when choosing a crystal and select the ones that feel right to you. 

Cleansing your Crystals

Crystals can pick up and hold on to energy patterns with which they come in contact so its important to clean your crystals often.  Cleansing your crystals resets their energy, so that every time you work with them, you are starting from an energetically clean slate.  Cleansing and recharging crystals often can enhance their healing properties and strengthen their ability to support your intention.  

Some easy ways to cleanse your crystal collection is to let your crystals bathe outside in sunlight or the moonlight over night.  You can also revitalize your crystal by placing it outside in the soil or the soil of a healthy houseplant for 24 hours.  You can also smoke it out with sacred smoke.  Sage and Palo Santo are great ways to cleanse your crystal.  Immerse your crystal with the sacred smoke until your crystal becomes energetically still.  Selenite can also be used to cleanse and charge your crystals.  Just lay your crystal on a piece of selenite for 6 hours to help restore their high vibes.  

Charging + Programming your Crystals

Once your crystal is clean, its now time to connect with your crystal.  Crystals have a steady rhythm that falls in line with the healing energy of the earth, which is why they make the perfect companions for your spiritual journey.  Charging crystals puts energy back into the crystals so they can continue to function at their highest level. You should charge crystals every time you cleanse them.  To charge your crystals in nature, place them outside in the sunlight or moonlight for 6-12 hours.  You can also charge them with visualization.

Programming your crystals involves placing intention to them for the specific task you'd like them to complete.  Intention is everything! Your mind is a powerful driver of your reality.  Thoughts, words, and actions affect what you are able to manifest, and this always starts with intention.  Decide what it is you wish to experience or be, then make a statement of intent as if you have already achieved that.  This will help the crystal work more effectively so do this every time you cleanse and charge them.  

The Change you can Expect

When doing energy work, the energy always seeks to align with our highest and greatest good so set your intention, do the work, remove judgement and expectation, and just BE.  Allow the energy to flow as it will always serve your highest good.  

Our crystals and stones serve as a tool to help connect our conscious thoughts with our body.  Our mission is to help you raise your vibration, expand your consciousness and guide you while on your spiritual journey.  With the help of healing stones, the real game-changer is when you program them with your specific intention for transformation.  Thoughts can be powerful because they direct energy and energy follows thought.  When you use crystals and stones in the process, their frequencies help magnify those thoughts and intentions so choose wisely!