African Turquoise

$3.00 - $3.50

Image of African Turquoise Image of African Turquoise

African Turquoise is a form of Jasper found in Africa with inclusions of crystal quartz, copper + iron which contribute to its beautiful color palette. African Turquoise is connected to the Throat Chakra + is known as the “stone of evolution”. It brings about great change + transformation in life. It encourages growth + opens your mind to new ideas + endless possibilities. It helps soothe feelings of frustration + anger. It can ease mood swings + brings balance + structure as you become your true self.

African Turquoise also gives us strength + confidence while going through our transformation. It helps to foster positive change from within + provides enlightenment, optimism + spiritual growth. It is the perfect stone for anyone desiring to become a better person. This stone is very supportive for someone to carry for a job interview, first day of school or work, or when meeting a new client or friend.

Includes (.5 - .75”) tumbled stone or (1”) tumbled stone