Anxiety Crystal Set


Reducing stress, anxiety + calming our minds is very important for our mental well-being. This calming – stress relief – anxiety relief crystal set will help remind you to focus on your positive thoughts, release all the stress that has built up, + manifest your intentions. This set makes a unique gift for those you love that need a little peace + bringing you to a place of wellbeing.

This set includes Clear Quartz, Sodalite, Black Tourmaline tumbled stones + a 4” Selenite moon.

Clear Quartz
The master healer stone. It absorbs negative energy + stores it, then releases + regulates it. Good for balancing the mind, increased concentration, + promoting better memory. The perfect stone to connect you to your higher self. Amplifies your energy + intentions. You can use this stone to absorb the negative energies of your other stones.

The stone for calming the mind. Promotes emotional balance + rational thought. Your thoughts will be more clear, increased intuition, + easy communication. This stone also helps with self-esteem by allowing you to trust + accept yourself more. It will help guide you to access your inner wisdom + inner knowing.

Black Tourmaline
The stone for overall balance. A protection stone against negative energy. This includes any negative thoughts that run through your mind. It increases your physical energy + enhances grounding. If dealing with anxiety, this stone will keep you mindful + present in the moment by clearing your thoughts, enhancing positive thinking + creativity.

This gorgeous Selenite Moon is the perfect way to display your crystals and charge them at the same time too. The Selenite moon will amplify the purification of air, uplifting + enlightening our spirits. Selenite allows the crown Chakra to open up, bringing calming qualities + relaxation in your body. Selenite healing crystals also have the ability to remove blocks and negative energy. The Selenite moon can also be used to cleanse your other stones.