Black Obsidian Raw


Image of Black Obsidian Raw Image of Black Obsidian Raw Image of Black Obsidian Raw

Black Obsidian stones are nature’s embodiment of raw strength + protection. With their jet-black, glassy appearance, these raw obsidian pieces carry an aura of mystery + resilience. Known as a powerful grounding stone, Black Obsidian is formed from rapidly cooled volcanic lava, giving it a connection to the Earth’s elemental forces. Beyond its aesthetic allure, these stones are revered for their ability to absorb + transmute negative energy, making them an essential tool for energy cleansing + protection.

The properties of Black Obsidian extend beyond energy purification to profound self-discovery. This crystal is often associated with introspection + truth-seeking, revealing hidden aspects of oneself. Its sharp, reflective surface serves as a metaphorical mirror, encouraging individuals to confront + release deeply ingrained fears + blockages. Whether used for meditation or simply as a striking decorative element, Black Obsidian stones offer a powerful combination of strength, protection, + the potential for transformative self-awareness.

Includes (1”-2”) Raw Black Obsidian stone