Black Onyx


Onyx is a great stone that offers up powerful vibrations of protection, strength, focus + willpower. It a royal stone, used throughout history for thousands of years by royalty + nobility as a sign of prestige + power. It is a very powerful grounding + protective stone that absorbs + transforms lower energies while providing a supportive, strong + stable energy to the environment.

Onyx is also excellent for self-confidence, endurance + stress relief. It balances the yin + yang energies within the body + within an environment. It is also a great crystal for sleep as it calms + brings about a peaceful energy to the area providing deep relaxation. Onyx will give you a burst of energy to get up + start pursuing your dreams while also protecting you on your new journey! This stone is here to keep you focused while pushing you forward in your life. Since it absorbs negative energy, it’s a great stone to carry with you or place nearby you. It will continuously push you forward in your life!

Includes (1”) tumbled stone