Celestite Cluster w/stand

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Celestite is a celestial masterpiece, a captivating arrangement of delicate blue crystals that evoke the serene beauty of the sky. This stunning crystal formation is adorned with clusters of pale blue or celestial white crystals. Celestite, with its ethereal energy, is often associated with angelic realms + divine connection. Its gentle vibrations create a tranquil atmosphere, promoting a sense of calm, peace, + spiritual upliftment. Placing a Celestite cluster in your space is like inviting a piece of the heavens into your home, fostering a serene sanctuary + contemplation.

Beyond its aesthetic charm, Celestite is believed to enhance communication with higher realms + facilitate access to inner wisdom. Its association with the throat chakra promotes clear + authentic expression, making it an ideal companion for mediation or spiritual practices. Whether used as a decorative accent or a tool for energy work, Celestite clusters radiate celestial energies that inspire a connection to the divine + a deeper understanding of the unaversive + oneself.

Includes this exact Celestite cluster with gold stand