Energy Cleansing Kit


Clear away unwanted negative energy + stress with our Energy Cleansing Kit. This kit has all the essentials you need to drive away bad energy from yourself or your sacred space + replacing it with love, light + positive energy.

White Sage is a master cleanser that cleanses people, spaces, crystals + even you. Burning Sage is one of the purest methods of cleansing + has been used for centuries. Sage is powerful bringing positive vibrations + is a very efficient way to clean the energy in your environment. Sage can help to increase wisdom, clarity + spiritual awareness. We recommend when burning Sage to open a window so that the negative energy can escape the room. Be sure to use affirmations while saging to enhance your experience.

Palo Santo will help smooth out the energy by creating a light, positive energetic space. It is great for welcoming creativity + good fortune into your space. The sweet pleasant smell of Palo Santo can reduce stress + anxiety, + enhance clarity + concentration. Palo Santo is also great for burning before meditation to cleanse you, your home, crystals or jewelry.

The Selenite wand is also an essential tool for cleansing + clearing. Selenite is calming + can promote clarity, cleanse the aura, + promote peace. Selenite can also be used to charge other crystals. Placing your crystals on Selenite will recharge them to their fullest capacity. Selenite has an ability to absorb + transmute negative energy endlessly. Use your Selenite wand when you can’t burn your Sage or Palo Santo.

All three are must haves for your spiritual toolbox, sacred space or alter. Use the combination of all three to deepen your self-care + spiritual routines or use separately when you feel the need to cleanse and recharge!

Each kit includes:
1 - 4" White Sage Bundle
2 - 4" Palo Santo Sticks
1 - 5" Selenite Wand