Howlite Raw


Image of Howlite Raw Image of Howlite Raw Image of Howlite Raw

Howlite is a serene + enchanting crystal known for its calming and dreamy energy. This beautiful stone resembles the tranquil landscapes of the mind, offering solace + encouraging a sense of inner peace. With its distinctive appearance and soothing properties, Howlite is a perfect companion for those seeking to find their center amidst life's hustle + bustle.

Howlite is also associated with increased intuition + spiritual awareness. It opens the mind to receive insights + messages from higher realms, making it a valuable tool for mediation + self-discovery. It is renowned for its ability to enhance sleep quality as well. Placing a piece under your pillow or on your nightstand can promote peaceful + restorative sleep patterns. Embrace Howlite’s soothing energy + let it guide you toward a state of balance, clarity, + inner harmony.

Includes 1 (1 - 2”) Howlite tumbled stone.