Love Smudge Kit


Image of Love Smudge Kit Image of Love Smudge Kit

Promote love + energy renewal with this beautiful love smudge energy cleansing kit. A beautiful Rose Quartz stone sets the intention of unconditional love while the Palo Santo gives you the deep sensual wood aroma to infuse around you as you cleanse your space + embrace love. The Selenite calms + soothes, bringing a deep peace + sense of tranquility. Selenite can also be used to cleanse + amplify the energy of your stone. Use this kit for a great meditation session rooted in love + for all around energy clearing.

Spread the unconditional love, not only for ourselves but for others in lovely little token gifts!

Each kit includes:
1 1”- 2” Rose Quartz raw stone
1 4” Palo Santo Stick
1 4” Selenite Wand