Mahogany Obsidian


Image of Mahogany Obsidian Image of Mahogany Obsidian

A stone of reflection, Mahogany Obsidian helps to show us what needs our attention in this moment, while aiding with self-acceptance + self confidence. Mahogany Obsidian is often used to aid in the decision making process. It allows us to make significant changes in the most challenging areas of our lives.

It is also a useful grounding stone + supports the root + sacral chakra. Mahogany Obsidian is natural Black Obsidian that formed with Hematite which gives it a rich brown color. It brings strength in time of need, eliminates blockages, relieves tension + stimulates growth on all levels.

Work with Mahogany Obsidian when you want to reclaim your power!

Includes (1") tumbled stone