New Beginnings Crystal Set


The New Beginnings crystal set contains the essentials for being on the right track for new beginnings in your life + new opportunities. This combination aids in seeing new chances in your personal + career paths, reduces stress + elevates your mood + energy. These stones give you an energetic boost to guide you on a new path during stressful situations. A great gift for those starting a new journey, career, moving to a new city, or anyone looking for a fresh start.

This set includes Amazonite, Moss Agate, Rainbow Moonstone tumbled stones + a 4” Selenite moon.

A great stone for manifesting what you want in your life. This stone will encourage you to be bold + brave, to make your dreams come true, + to keep trying. It is a great at encouraging the positive energies within us. This is also a very soothing stone that balances both feminine + masculine energies. It helps to alleviate emotional struggles related to worry + fear.

Moss Agate
This is your balancing crystal. It promotes clarity to help you get out of your head + allows you to process your emotions with your heart. This stone supports new beginnings, attracts prosperity + encourages love of all types. It encourages growth + stability that is needed to keep you moving forward.

Rainbow Moonstone
The transformation stone. It readies the body + should for the next level in the ascension process. It enhances your rational thought + aids in decision-making. Great stone for problem solving + facilitating self-expression when needed. This stone calms the overactive mind + brings peace. A stone that brings out the positive in people.

This gorgeous Selenite Moon is the perfect way to display your crystals and charge them at the same time too. The Selenite moon will amplify the purification of air, uplifting + enlightening our spirits. Selenite allows the crown Chakra to open up, bringing calming qualities + relaxation in your body. Selenite healing crystals also have the ability to remove blocks and negative energy. The Selenite moon can also be used to cleanse your other stones.