Ocean Jasper


Image of Ocean Jasper Image of Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper (also known as Sea Jasper) is only found on the coast of Madagascar + can only be mined at low tide. The colors vary widely - including white, green, pink, red, black + blue. The wild polka dots, wavy lines, multi colored floret patterns of Ocean Jasper make this a gorgeous exciting stone.

Ocean Jasper is an excellent healing stone that encourages feelings of joy, happiness + lifted spirits. It has a strong positive energy, helping you to understand yourself better + increasing your self-confidence, self-esteem + self-worth. Ocean Jasper healing properties are also strongly connected with the Solar Plexus chakra, which helps you harness your inner strength + personal power.

Beautiful Ocean Jasper captures the strength + tranquility of the water element. This crystal's slow, steady frequency + ancient energy embodies the interconnectivity of all things. Let Ocean Jasper help you cope with change, tap into spiritual wisdom + increase your confidence.

Includes (1") tumbled stone