Palo Santo Matches


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These Premium Grade Palo Santo Matches are the perfect addition to your daily wellness routine + they make the most unique gifts! Rich + sweety fragrant, these Palo Santo Incense Matches are the first of their kind. These hot selling hand-crafted smudge sticks are made from high quality Palo Santo with a high resin content to give off the indescribable Palo Santo smell after lighting. These are eco-friendly + sustainably harvested from Peru.

These matches make the perfect gift + the unique vintage box is always a conversation piece. Take them in the car, yoga class, meditation space, or even keep them as a bathroom accessory. Similar to white sage, Palo Santo has traditionally been used to clear away negative energies from the body + space around you. These matches are a brand-new, innovative way to cleanse your space or simply enjoy the uplifting, de-stressing, energizing aroma of Palo Santo.

Approximately 12 sticks per box which can typically be burned twice. These are the perfect additional to your daily wellness routine!

Includes 1 (2.5” x 2”) Palo Santo Matchbox by Maxwell's Mystic Market.