Pink Tourmaline


Image of Pink Tourmaline Image of Pink Tourmaline

Beautiful Pink Tourmaline stone with rich + vibrant pink hues + a beautiful energy. This is a stone that generates feelings of joy + relaxation. It allows us to find strength + peace in our own vulnerabilities + embrace our learning experiences with optimism. Pink Tourmaline has the ability to balance, cleanse emotions + helps with stress + anxiety.

Pink Tourmaline is associated with the element of water + the Heart chakra. It opens + brings a higher vibration to the Heart chakra. It is said to attract friendship + promote sympathy for others. It brings cognitive awareness + the experience of universal love. Pink Tourmaline is also known for its soothing effects + its relaxing + calm energies. This is a very positive crystal + is supportive of those who work with it, bringing strength during trials in one's life.

Includes (1" - 1.5") tumbled stone