Prosperity Crystal Set

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The prosperity set was put together to help remove unwanted energy, negative energy + clear some blockages that might be stopping the flow of positive energy + abundance your way. All three crystals are very powerful + attract success, prosperity, abundance + luck. This makes a great unique gift for those you love or it can be a great meditation tool for yourself. Carry these stones in your pocket or purse + help the abundance energy come to you.

This set includes Pyrite, Green Aventurine, Tigers Eye tumbled stones + 4” Selenite Moon.

Known as fool’s gold, will help your confidence + teach you that life is full of abundance + endless opportunities. It assists with overcoming current obstacles, clearing the mind + giving wisdom to move through business + work-related challenges.

Green Aventurine
The stone for increasing wealth + prosperity. Also a good balancing stone for the mind, body + spirit. It will help bring forth power, confidence, peace + calming energies. Positive energy will be replaced by negative energy. Great for protection + promoting healing of the physical body.

Tigers Eye
Is the protection stone. It helps to focus the mind + bring insight into challenging situations. It’s the perfect stone for attracting good luck. Very helpful in grounding + centering your personal energy. Let it deepen your meditative state + release any dispelling fears.

The Selenite moon will amplify the purification of air, uplifting + enlightening our spirits. Selenite allows the crown Chakra to open up, bringing calming qualities + relaxation in your body. Selenite healing crystals also have the ability to remove blocks and negative energy. The Selenite moon can also be used to cleanse your other stones.