Rhodonite has a strong heart based energy + is excellent for emotional healing. The perfect stone for healing relationship problems. Rhodonite can be used to balance the emotions, especially when going through tough times. Known for its ability to stimulate unconditional love + forgiveness, Rhodonite is perfect for those who have trouble letting go of past wrong-doings of others.

Think expansive heart vibrations, you can almost see the love vibrate off this stone! Rhodonite works to clear away hidden traumas, emotional wounds + scars from the past. The darkness of this stone lends to its permanence in its effect, by exposing the shadow, it leaves you in the light. This duality of energy will help you to be the best version of your highest self. It encourages compassion + cooperation. It is a great emotional balancer that nurtures love, stimulates, clears + activates heart energy. A great stone for your tool box for balance, creativity + love!

Includes (1") tumbled stone