Beautiful authentic Turquoise from Peru! Turquoise has been known throughout history as a stone of great power + protection. Egyptians, Tribal Americans, Incans, Persians, Aztec + many other ancient civilizations respected + wore Turquoise as jewelry + in their weaponry. It was also widely used for guiding those on their spiritual paths + for grounding. Turquoise is a master healer + protection stone that connects the mind with the infinite possibilities of the universe. It promotes spiritual connections + enhances open + honest communication. Turquoise dispels negative energy + can be worn to protect against outside influence + negativity.

Turquoise works with the Throat chakra + can balance + align all chakras. It enhances intuition + deepens meditation. It stabilizes mood swings while bringing peace + inner calmness. It is excellent for depression + exhaustion as well as helping with panic attacks. Turquoise is also a symbol of friendship while also stimulating romantic love. This gemstone brings success, power, motivation, self-confidence, + prosperity to those who work with it or wears it. This beautiful stone is an absolute must for your crystal collection!

Includes (1”) tumbled stone