Polished Skulls

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Image of Polished Skulls Image of Polished Skulls Image of Polished Skulls

Skulls are one of the most powerful symbols on the planet + they can be quite a statement piece! In some parts of the world, skulls represent death + are a stark reminder of our mortality. In other parts of the world, skulls can represent transformation + change, whilst other times they can determine wealth, power, strength + protection. Skulls have hundreds of different meanings throughout the world + more often, throughout the art world. Either way, these crystal skulls are still powerful tools that can help with overall healing, but in particular have a strong effect on your spiritual growth.

It is up to us to create our own understanding of them through our personal experiences, learnings, + perspective. Each gemstone represents a special ability to help us on our spiritual journey. When selecting a skull, choose one that you are drawn to. Some claim that when a crystal is carved into a skull shape, the frequency of its vibration becomes similar to that of human thought, creating a familiar flow between skull + human. These skulls are a great piece to add to your crystal collection!

Choose wisely!

Includes (1.5") skull of your choice