Clear Quartz Double-Terminated Points


Clear Quartz Double-Terminated Points are the pure embodiment of clarity + versatility in the crystal kingdom. These exquisite gems are treasured for their exceptional ability to amplify energy, making them a must-have for any crystal enthusiast. With two naturally formed points, one at each end, they channel energy in both directions, creating a harmonious flow of energy that radiates balance + illumination.

These points are known for their ability to clear mental fog, enhance concentration + assist in decision-making by removing distractions + negative thought patterns. It is a powerful balancer, harmonizing the body, mind, + spirit. It aligns the chakras + is an excellent tool for energy healing. Use Clear Quartz DT points to manifest your desires by incorporating them into your meditation practice or place them on your desk or workspace to boost productivity + mental clarity.

Clear Quartz Double-Terminated Points are like beacons of light, illuminating your path + magnifying your intentions. Embrace their pure + powerful energy to experience heightened clarity, balance, + the infinite potential that lies within you.

Includes 1 (3”) Double-Terminated Point.