Natural Healing Stone Sets

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Image of Natural Healing Stone Sets Image of Natural Healing Stone Sets

This 7 piece multipurpose Healing Stone set is great for meditation, crystal rituals, crystal grids, reiki healing, chakra healing + other energy work. Each set includes 7 different essential stones so you can have a wide range of experiences with gemstone healing. Experiment with the different healing properties of each so you can develop your own perfect ritual.

This set is also great for gift giving for beginners' or the experienced. Give someone you care about the chance to discover the powerful vibrations of earth's precious crystals.

Each set includes 1 stone of each:

Clear Quartz - Clarity, Manifestation, Spiritual Growth
Rose Quartz - Love, Happiness, Harmony, Compassion, Understanding
Green Aventurine - Creativity, Confidence, Abundance, Tranquility
Blue Quartz - Peace, Meditation, Clarity, Focus
Red Jasper - Mood Stability, Comfort, Control, Anxiety Relief
Amethyst - Passion, Creativity, Intuition, Spiritual Connection
Orange Calcite - Healing, Balance, Creative Energy, Passion

These stones are in their natural raw form + range between 1 - 2 inches. Each piece is unique due to its natural creation so there will be some slight variation in terms of color, texture, + size.